Sunday, September 24, 2006

Teaching Children to play

I have been taking time to play with Delaney each day as I know she gets bored being home without Joshua. Yet, it never seems to be enough.

As you know, when you are home, there are other jobs and chores that need to be accomplished in order to run a household.

All day long, I hear, "Momma play with me. Momma, can you play with me??"

I refuse to have the TV babysit her all day long.

I have talked to my mother and know that I was able to play independently for long periods of time. I loved to play with my dolls. I was a little "mother" from day one.

How does one teach a child how to play by themselves? Is it because it is a different world now with all the technology that children expect to be entertained by others at all times??

Any suggestions are welcome!

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