Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Closing of Summer

We had a great time this summer! We were very busy but had a blast.
This Thursday is the first day of second grade for Joshua. We get to meet his teacher tomorrow.

Delaney doesn't start back to school until September 5th. She wants to go to Joshua's school but she will be going to a pre-school in town. Next year, she can go with him as she will be going to full day Kindergarten. She does think that she will be in Joshua's class though. Oy!

Joshua is not very excited to start school. I think it all stems from the fact that there has been name calling at the bus stop. He has even asked me to take him to another neighborhood so he can be at a friend's bus stop. I don't believe in running away from difficult situations. I feel a child needs to learn how to resolve conflicts. Now, if there was terrible abuse, it would be another story.

I allowed Joshua to try to work it out by himself last year. Obviously, it wasn't resolved since he is apprehensive about starting school.

I called the mother of the other children and we are having a meeting tomorrow night to inform the children that we are standing together on the fact that we will not tolerate disrespect amongst our children. It may take some time but with consistency I am praying it will work.

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