Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dreams, Dreams, what do they mean?

For months, I have been having dreams about aquariums. Very strange! I have owned one in the past but all we have right now is a goldfish bowl in Joshua's room.

These dreams range from me forgetting that we have aquariums and forgetting to care for them to there being mean animals in the aquarium that are killing things to aquariums that spill or break spilling their contents. AHHH!!! Enough already!

Last night in my dream, my mom had found a turtle in a lake that she was wanting to nurse back to health. Since I have an aquarium, I needed to keep it with me. Well this aquarium turned into a room size aquarium. There were alligators, turtles, fish, etc. It had a door that the kids and neighborhood kids could walk through. Amazing how they could open the door without water coming out!! Anyway, Joshua was in there and the alligator was very interested in him. I was calling to him but he was not wanting to come out! Other kids were walking in and out as well and I was responsible for their safety. Maybe I am feeling overwhelmed? Maybe the caring for the turtle has to do with Essie? Very weird!

I also believe that the deceased can comfort us in our dreams. My mom's friend was brutally murdered in 1991. She appeared in one of my dreams years back and told me that she was fine, and to take good care of her best friend, my mom.

Last night, I also dreamed of living in an ancesteral home. My paternal grandmother's (Whom died when I was ~3yrs) spirit was there. She tried to scare us off at first but I resisted and tried to communicate with her. She was amazed that I could actually see her. She said that only those that believed could see her. Paul surprised me when he said, "Your grandmother is here". We had a family reunion at the house and I was amazed to see that other relatives were also tracking her with their eyes. I quickly learned who the believers were.

My grandmother was sad that she had never "known" me. I explained to her that she had died when I was young and that she had been ill since before I was born. She understood and was just happy that we had gotten to meet for a little while. She seemed pleased with my life and was ready to move on.

A message from beyond? Or is Sylvia Browne on Montel Williams too much??

As you can see I have very vivd dreams. I have them every night and remember them 95% of the time.

What about you? What are your dreams?

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