Thursday, August 03, 2006

Have you met your twin in this world?

They say everyone has a twin in this world. Have you met yours? I saw mine when I was in Dallas and I was a lot younger. She looked a lot like me, it is so surreal to see someone like yourself and it occurs when you are not looking in the mirror.

Last week at Korea camp, Delaney was mistaken on more than one occassion for someone else. Her mother made me aware that the girls looked alot alike.

Her daughter happened to be in lower camp so I was able to see her most of the day. At times, I caught myself staring at her because it was like I was looking at Delaney. I probably scared the poor child. I think she was aware of me watching her because every time I tried to sneak a picture, she turned her head. (Reminds me of Delaney).

Her mother attempted to get a picture of Delaney but was turned down by her on more than one occassion. I think after awhile, Delaney believed she had a "stalker". I guess one time the mother appoached her, Delaney asked for me.

We attempted to get a picture of them together but they also share personalities so it was impossible to obtain.

Paul did happen to snap one picture of them together before Delaney left the stage. Prior to their performance at the end of camp, Delaney had informed me that she wasn't going to do it. She kept to her word and chose to sit down on the steps and smile at everyone while the rest of the kids performed...sigh!

We did check out birthfamily information since the girls are so similar. Nope, they are not related.

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