Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Outsiders!

I watched Primetimes News Series, "The Outsiders" last night.

Last night was about people that surrounded themselves with non-domesticated animals, only to be mauled by them at a later date.

The lead story was about Timothy Treadwell. He lived with Grizzly Bears for 13 years. Ignoring all warnings and not arming himself with even a can of Bear Spray, he was eventually turned on by his beloved animal. Timothy Treadwell

Another story showed a family that had "adopted" a chimpanzee. After the animal showed aggression towards others the authorities took it to a shelter. The family went to celebrate a birthday with their "son" and were brutally attacked by two other chimpanzees. They were lucky as they survived.

One must remember that animals are still animals and still have the inborn animal traits of survival. Even domesticated animals have these traits as well. It is nature. Look at how many people have been mauled by the ordinary house pet.

Love your animals but always remember they are animals.

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