Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Company Parties

Paul and I had our annual company parties on the same day.

We had his at the Tulsa Zoo. We had fun with free Carousel and train rides. Our friends, David and Brenda were there with their kids so the kids had fun playing with them. Unfortunately, the food wasn't that great so Paul and the kids (my picky eaters) had to go to the zoo cafe for food.

Later that evening, we had new babysitters (the kids adored) and went to my party at the Civic center. I was suppose to meet a few co-workers but forgot cell phone numbers at work. I figured that it would not be a problem tracking them down. WRONG! There were 3500 people there for a sit down dinner and dancing. I only found a couple but not the ones we promised to sit with. Oh well, Paul and I had fun anyway. We even were able to dance without fighting. We both try to lead usually, I know man is suppose to lead but.....

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