Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Break

Paul and I decided to have a weekend get away to Eureka Springs while the kids were on Fall Break. The kids got to spend a fun filled weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.

We stayed on Lake Beaver. It was beautiful!

We spent two days strolling the shops and bought not one thing! It was cool looking at all the very interesting craft shops. I guess we went on the weekend of War Eagle so it was very crowded.

We ran into two couples there from our town at dinner one night and then again at lunch the next day. Although it was crowded, it is a small world there.

We visited a place called Quigley's Castle. She lived during the war. She wanted a new house and when her husband didn't get busy building it, she tore down her existing home and took her 5 children out to the chicken house to live. Her husband built the house but the windows had to wait until after the war was over.

The house is unique in that it has two foundations with a gap for a garden in between. There are plants inside that grow all the way up to the second floor. She also had an obsession with rocks. She took three years to place rocks all over her house. Since Arkansas only has natural brown rocks, she sent off overseas for some colored ones. She also created many rock structures on the grounds. After her husband died, she created "bottle trees" out of his bottle collection.

They originally had an outhouse that I got to experience out of pure desperation. Paul told me to quit griping as it was a little better than the toilets in Ukraine.

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