Monday, October 01, 2007

Each day is better than the past

I am now almost six weeks post op. I am no longer in pain from the incision. I returned to work at the hospital last week. My biggest complaint is fatigue. The energy level is just not the same. I am told that your energy will return in a couple of months. Until then I am frustrated. I am not use to being held back when it comes to working. I give it my all. It is hard to do when you feel totally drained after 6 hours of work.

A doctor told me on my first day back that I was looking very pale by the time I saw her at 1:00pm. Thankfully I only had 2 hours of work left. I came home and crashed.

This week I am going to work (1) 12 hour shift. I go back for a post op visit on Tuesday. I am hoping for a full release to work. I am wanting to start exercising again to hopefully build up some strength. I will probably start out at Curves. My mom has started working out there. I went once to check it out. At Curves, I can't adjust weights, resistance, etc. to a higher level, so it may be safer for me to start there. At the regular gym, I usually try to overdo it with higher weights. I like to know I have done something by being a little sore afterwards. No pain, no gain, right?

I was a little depressed a week or two post op as I was still having significant amount of lower back pain. I had prayed that the surgery had corrected it. I had dealt with the pain for over 8 months and was so ready to be rid of it.

Praise God, at this point the lower back pain is pretty much gone. I am hoping that it will resolve completely!

Thanks for all your prayers, support, and help during my recovery. I greatly appreciate it!

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