Monday, October 01, 2007

Trauma Cont.

A doctor that spent three years at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany spoke to us. Landstuhl is the military hospital in Germany that our soldiers go to before coming home to the US for treatment.

We saw slides on the injuries that are occurring overseas. They were astounding. What are men are sacrificing for our country is such a selfless act. They need our support. Whether you agree with the war or not is irrelevant.

The story told about one medic was truly a story of compassion. This medic was on his way to pick up a wounded soldier when his convoy of 5 medics was ambushed. Gunfire ensued and the other four medics were killed. This brave man checked on his fellow medics and after determining that they all had died, he went to check on the Iraqis. All but one of their men were dead as well. The remaining one was critically injured. This medic, the one that had just lost his 4 friends at the hands of these Iraqis, transported the man back to the base and saved his life.

That is what our troops are doing. They are doing the "right" thing during this war. Had it been reversed I would have hoped our medic had been saved but the past shows that most likely he would have been drug through the streets. He would have served as a trophy to our enemies. Be proud of our men and please don't forget to remember them.

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