Monday, October 01, 2007

When thank you doesn't seem adequate.....

Two weeks ago, I had the honor of talking to Joshua's birth mother on the phone. My friend, Tanya, was gracious enough to do the translating for us.

Although I tried to thank her for one of the greatest gifts in my life, words seemed so inadequate. How do you express that amount of gratitude especially over the phone?

His BM was so kind and seems to have a very gentle spirit about her. You can tell that she still deeply cares for Joshua and that it was not an easy decision for her to make to place him for adoption. I also know from letters that Delaney's BM is also still hurting.

My question to God is Why? Why must my joy come from a selfless act that deeply hurt another? Why were these women placed in countries and situations that made it difficult to parent a child? Why were they the vessels that resulted in my dream coming true? Many times I cried due to the fact that we were unable to conceive children. God knew His plans for me and my children and they were far greater than anything I could have imagined. Why am I the one that is blessed and they are left to shed tears?

Words can not express the heart felt gratitude I feel toward God and these two ladies. One day, I pray they are rewarded for their decision and that only joy remains.

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